English 11

Final Essay for The Crucible

Evaluating Salem:

Learning from the Madness

Every society has ideals that must be protected. It is up to the law and the citizens to make sure that those ideals are appropriately preserved, but the line of “appropriate” behavior becomes blurry when the need and desire to protect ideals trumps individual liberties and rights. In the Puritan society of The Crucible, the authority figures and community members do everything they can to rid their town of the “Devil”—the greatest threat to the protection of religious ideals. We will explore together how their actions affect the whole community in order to answer the key question:

How does injustice negatively affect a community?
While the Puritan society is a great example of just and unjust behavior, it is only one experience. For this essay, you will craft a claim that applies to both the play and the injustice observed in your independent reading book.

In your essay:

· Begin with an introduction that proves a strong understanding of justice and the issues surrounding social injustice as we’ve discussed in class. State your claim in this paragraph.
o Your claim should illustrate some effect of injustice that is evident in both The Crucible and your text.

· Craft at least TWO body paragraphs.

o Focus the paragraph on a text-specific pattern that defends the validity of your claim (this is your reason).

o Support each reason with a minimum of TWO quotations from The Crucible and TWO from your independent reading book. (That means, at least 4 quotations in EACH body paragraph.)

o Incorporate each piece of evidence using the sandwich method:

§ Introduce it with:
· GIVE POINT: Indicate what you want the evidence to prove. (The pattern in 2 texts.)
· GIVE CONTEXT: Brief summary of what is going on in the part of the book in which the quotation appears.
· GIVE SPEAKER and TEXT: Use clause with a verb that connects the speaker to the quotation.

§ Explain it with:
· INTERPRET the quotation by explaining the FACTS (specific words in the quotation itself) that lead to your INFERENCE.
· EXPLAIN how the quotation supports your reason.
· Prove that your inference illustrates your argument.
· In your conclusion, summarize the pattern you have developed throughout your argument AND discuss the extent to which the injustices handled in both texts are unique.

To help you plan your claim, use the following procedure:

1. List as many effects of injustice as you can from THE PLAY:
2. FOR EACH, determine if the effect is also seen in your independent reading book.

3. Synthesize all of your ideas and create TWO well-thought out claims that answer the essay prompt from above. Write them below.

4. After you have your claim, your reasons will come when you ask yourself what evidence supports my claim? Collect as much evidence as you can and then group into reasons.