Finding Solutions: Examining Part 4 of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Part 4 of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest culminates in several important occurrences where characters attempt to solve the problems that the men have been facing in the ward. In order to prepare for our last seminar, you are going to be assigned one of these scenes to evaluate. Then as a class, we are going to share what we have discovered and use our answers to figure out what the text, as a whole, might suggest about how one can best solve the world’s problems. DIRECTIONS: Please examine your assigned scene by completing the steps outlined in the graphic organizer below. You will complete the other scenes as you listen to each group present.

The Scene

Describe the plot elements that occur before, during, and after the scene. (In other words, What causes the event to occur? What happens during the event? What are the results/consequences of the event?)
Look over the problems we identified over the last few weeks. Identify which problem(s) the character(s) is/are trying to solve during this scene.
Analyze the extent to which this particular problem has been solved. Is/are the character(s) successful in attempting to help the patients? Is/are the character(s) successful in “bucking the system”? Be sure to explain in your answer whether or not this was an effective way to solve the problem.
The patients’ questioning of McMurphy goals

McMurphy’s and Bromden’s attack on Washington

3. McMurphy’s Party

Billy’s encounter with Candy

McMurphy’s attack on Ratched

Bromden’s escape from the ward

Making Connections to the Seminar: Writing your Claim
After examining the successes and failures of the characters in part 4, what does the book seem to suggest about the best way to solve the world’s problems?