English 11

Picasso to Plato: Using Art to Analyze Text

In order to begin analyzing One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, we are going connect our discussion of systems yesterday to the hospital in which the narrator resides. To do so, you are going to join a group, draw the “ward,” and then use your visualization to analyze how the ward functions literally as a system in the novel and figuratively as a metaphor for life.

Part 1: Drawing the Ward (Use butcher block paper to draw your image)

Join a group of four to draw your visual interpretation of the ward on the butcher block paper provided. Your drawing must include some representation of the following:
  • the patients
  • the staff
  • the physical layout
  • the daily schedule
  • the medical treatment the patients receive.
Be sure to Include the names and positions of as many characters as you can.

Part 2: Assessing the Ward’s Function in the Novel

1. Describe how the system at the ward works: detail the role of the patients, the staff, the outside world, etc. Be specific and use several passages from the text to support your answer.


Evidence (Page References):

2. Think of Bromden’s continual portrayal of the ward as a part of the machine or the combine. What do you think he means? What might this suggest to you about the figurative meaning of the ward system? Again use evidence from the text and explanations to support your answer.

Analysis of metaphor:

Evidence (Page Number):

Explanation of Evidence: