English 11

Of Mice and Men research project



  1. groups of no more than four assigned
  2. each group gets a subject (e.g., "Mental retardation in the Great Depression ")
  3. group creates it own wiki page on the general subject, which branch off into no fewer than two new pages (e.g., "Just and unjust treatments of the mentally retarded in Great Depression USA" "Laws regarding the treatment of mentally retarded," etc.)
  4. each group develops pages and links, and includes one communicative "widget" (e.g., podcast, voicethread, slideshare, video, etc.). In this step, students are careful to collaborate effectively--meeting first around subjects so that individual pages, nomenclature, strategic directions can be established and conflicts avoided.
  5. each individual comments/critiques/discusses at least two other pages
  6. each group presents to the larger class and answers questions

possible topics: