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Of Mice and Men assignment prompt:

  • analyze the experiences of the characters from John Steinbeck’s novelette Of Mice and Men to derive a theme about life in American society (aka, the American experience, or The American Dream)? and
  • research contemporary American society to answer questions raised by your theme, specifically:
    • What is Steinbeck’s overall claim (or theme) about life in the USA
    • To what extent is Steinbeck's claim still relevant or accurate in America today? Gather evidence and cite your sources .
    • Spring '10 only-- Help us get the best visual search engines by testing out the tools on this page to search for your information and leaving your comments.
  • You will receive two grades related to this assignment, but they will be based on very different criteria: your "rough" draft is based on the extent to which you have all the parts--intro, body, and conclusion. For the relatively insignificant "rough draft" grade, the finer points of evidence incorporation, logical argument, diction, and grammar will not be counted. The "final" grade will be based on the extent to which you have produced a "fine" essay--one with a compelling logical argument, skillful incorporation of evidence, MLA citations, and error-free writing. Keep revising until you get the "A" (or excellent) grade.

the papers: