Popular Literature

a one-semester senior elective at YCHS

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a place for YCHS students enrolled in the Popular Literature Class (senior English elective) to discuss and collaborate around their authentic inquiries into popular American culture

What is popular?

Where to find what's popular now:

What makes popular (according to Gladwell)?

What books are popular?

What we should understand about

Gladwells Tipping Point :

a critique of Gladwell from a Stanford student

What popular book will we first read?

Our first Independent Read/Write assignment lets us choose our own popular literature to read

What are some types of popular literature?

Some products of our inquiry into popular cultural phenomena?

this People magazine cover suggest the "dark side" of popularity

Curricular Questions

  • What makes a cultural phenomenon popular?
  • In what ways does popular culture affect society?
  • How do its popular cultural phenomena help explain a society's values?

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