English 11

Based on the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 6th ed., 2003.

With your research paper you’ll have to turn in a Works Consulted page on which you list ALL sources you even looked at during your research—not only the ones from which you actually cite data in your paper. Use MLA format to list your sources. Follow the format of the examples provided below.

Type of Entry
Works Consulted list
Citation in Text
Book - single author
Nielsen, Jakob. Hypertext & Hypermedia. Boston: Academic Press Professional, 1993.
(Nielsen 141)
Book - more than one author
Gilbert, Sandra M., and Susan Gubar. The Madwoman in the Attic. New Haven: Yale UP, 1979.
(Gilbert and Gubar 9)
Work in an anthology
Hooker, Thomas. "A True Sight of Sin." The American Puritans: Their Prose and Poetry. Ed. Perry Miller. New York: Columbia UP, 1982. 153-64.
(Hooker 154)
Newspaper article (unsigned)
"Give Georgia More HOPE." Atlanta Journal Constitution 18 Dec. 1994: G6.
("Give" G6)
Newspaper article from online database
When citing an online source, include the publication date (5 June 1998) and the date you visited the site (25 Sept. 2003).

Fletcher, Michael A. "Study Finds Wide Racial Disparity in Death Penalty." Washington Post 5 June 1998: A24. LexisNexis Academic: News. GALILEO. 25 Sept. 2003 <http://www.galileo.usg.edu>.
(Fletcher A24)
Magazine article
Cowley, Geoffrey. "I'd Toddle a Mile for a Camel." Newsweek 23 Dec. 1991: 70-71.
(Cowley 70)
Article from an online database

Voss, Paul J. "Debris from Heaven in Paradise Lost." English Language Notes 35.3 (1998): 37-41. Academic Search Premier. EBSCOhost. GALILEO. 25 Sept. 2003 <http://www.galileo.usg.edu>.
(Voss 38)
Article from a Web site

"Geek Studies." Atlantic Online 13 July 2000. 25 Sept. 2003 <http://www.theatlantic.com/ unbound/crosscurrents/cc2000-07-13.htm>.

Article from well-known encyclopedia (unsigned)
"Tutankhamen." The New Encyclopaedia Britannica: Micropaedia. 15th ed. 1994.
Article from online encyclopedia

Killam, G.D. "Chinua Achebe." Dictionary of Literary Biography. Ed. Bernth Lindfors and Reinhard Sander. Vol. 117. Detroit: Gale, 1992. 15-34. Literature Resource Center. Gale. U of Georgia Lib. 25 Sept. 2003 <http://www.galileo.usg.edu>.
(Killam 22)
Basic Web site

Electronic Poetry Center. 2003. SUNY Buffalo. 25 Sept. 2003 <http://epc.buffalo.edu>.

Cronin, Dan. “Re: Can you help me?” E-mail to Sally Student. 15 April 2009.

Smith, Diana. Personal Interview with Kelsi Burns. 8 May 2009.
Film or video

Taxi Driver. Screenplay by Paul Schrader. Dir. Martin Scorsese. Perf. Robert De Niro, Cybill Shepherd, and Jodie Foster. Columbia Pictures, 1976.

For In-Text citations, use the first word of the Works Consulted entry AND the page number (if there is one). You may use it as an introductory phrase OR in parentheses:
q According to the article “Nearly Nightly,” fifty percent of fourth graders have over three hours of homework every night (2).
q Fifty percent of fourth graders have over three hours of homework every night (“Nearly” 2).
q Donald Davis and Bob Cook found in their research no data to confirm the benefit of daily homework.
q According to one study, there is no data to confirm the benefit of daily homework (Davis and Cook).
q As stated by Elizabeth Schafer, “the greatest battle was Gettysburg” (53).
q When discussing the benefits of affirmative action, Brenda O’Connell wrote, “Many students who would not otherwise go to college do so because of affirmative action.”

For unique circumstances, reference the MLA Handbook or the MLA Guidelines posted on the York Library website:www.elmhurst205.org/york/library.
· Double space everything. NO extra white space!
· Indent every line after the first one. (Go to Format à Paragraph à Special à Hanging)
OR at the end of the first line, hit “Enter” then “Tab” (in Word).
· Put entries in alphabetical order based on first word of entry.
· After entering a web address, hit “Backspace” to prevent it from becoming a link (in Word).
· After each entry, write a ONE-TWO sentence description of the source. What types of information does the source include? In what ways is it beneficial to your research? How do you know that this source is reliable?
Your page should look like this:

Goldstar 8
Works Consulted
Capaccio, George. Interview with Mike Smith. 7 April 2009. George Capaccio is the director of the
Elmhurst Mental Health Coorporation. He provided valuable first-hand information about
what services are provided by the city for people with mental disabilities.
Gordon, Joy. “Homework and Motivation.” Journal of Educational Research. 52.2 (1999): 33-35.
Joy Gordon is an education professor at Cornell University who claims that homework
increases student motivation to succeed in school. She also claims that homework is
necessary to reinforcing student learning.
“Suffer the Little Children.” Education Magazine. May 2000. 5 May 2004
<http://educationmagazine.org/suffer.html>. This article discusses the negative impacts
of large amounts of homework on overall student health, attitude toward school, and social
Waite, Linda J., Frances Kobrin Goldscheider, and Christina Witsberger. "Nonfamily Living and
the Erosion of Traditional Family Orientations Among Young Adults." American Sociological Review 51 (1986): 541-554. The authors, researchers at the Rand Corporation and Brown University, use data from the National Longitudinal Surveys of Young Women and Young Men to prove their hypothesis that nonfamily living by young adults alters their attitudes, values, plans, and expectations, moving them away from their belief in traditional sex roles.