English 10

Experience without reflection can not lead to education


For a final summative diagnostic writing experience, you will write three good paragraphs on the year of English 10 you have just experienced.

If the curriculum has worked, it has

interested you with engaging questions about life in our world

  • made your thinking better

  • made your reading and writing better

  • made your speaking and listening better

  • made your participation in discussion better

Your first paragraph should evaluate the entire year of English 10 --render a judgment: how well did the course meet its intended ends?

Your second two paragraphs explain some things that you have learned. Consider what have you learned:

    • about life in your our society?

    • about yourself? (how well has the adjective you chose for yourself worked out?)

    • about your community and species?

    • about the digital communications tools you have used (including this wiki)?

    • About effective communication?

Please be honest in your opinions and careful in your expression with these three paragraphs. Your judgment/feedback allows the curriculum to be strengthened.