Elmhurst Community Unit School District 205
Student Blog / Wiki Contract

Students are expected to treat blogs and wikis as classroom spaces. Speech that is inappropriate for class is not appropriate for blogs and/or wikis.
To participate in a classroom blog or wiki, students must agree to the following.

1. I will not post any identifiable or personal information about myself or others.
2. I am responsible for anything posted under my login.
3. I will use my best writing and correct spelling since my work is being published and shared with others.
4. I will stay on topic as directed by my teacher.
5. I will be respectful to all using constructive criticism when appropriate.
6. I will not copy the work of other authors and claim it as my own.
7. I will use only images, video, and audio that are not copyrighted or that I have obtained permission to use by the rightful copyright owner.
8. I will thoroughly check any site I link to in order to ensure the site’s content is accurate and appropriate (no foul language, adult content, inappropriate violence or humor, etc.).
I recognize that breaking any of these rules could lead to any of the following consequences depending on the severity and repetition: warning, deletion of post, temporary loss of online privileges, permanent loss of online privileges, or other disciplinary action in accordance with District Policy.
I further recognize that online activities are considered a virtual extension of our classroom, and therefore, all Rules and Regulations of my classroom, school, Technology Use Guidelines, District Policy, and local, state, and federal laws apply. I am aware that violation of any of these rules may be referred to District 205 Administration.

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